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Rugby Sevens tournaments

From its inaugural tournament in Melrose in 1883, rugby sevens tournaments have been a staple of the rugby calendar. The format and rules have also changed somewhat, and it has really established itself on the world stage.

Rugby Sevens tournaments have become a mainstay of both the domestic and international rugby calendars, from local junior events played at schools to some of the most famous rugby sevens tournaments in the world, such as the Hong Kong and Dubai tournaments, being played for by the top international teams in the world.

They have truly developed into wonderful events for fans of rugby. With dozens of games taking place on any given day, a lot of free flowing rugby giving plenty of tries and ticket prices often less than the 15 a side version would charge for just one game, sevens tournaments have become a popular attraction for fans across the globe.

Such is the drawing power of the top sevens tournaments that they provide massive economic boosts to the communities that they are held in, following on from the original aim of the very first sevens tournament in Melrose where the idea was to raise money to save the club.

With the growth of sevens rugby it was inevitable that larger tournaments would look to start including it within their own itinerary of events. In 1998, the Commonwealth games included rugby sevens into its schedule, to great acclaim.

Such has been the success of it, and with its ability to be played over a weekend, many are now calling for rugby sevens to be re-included as part of the biggest sporting tournament of them all, the Summer Olympic sporting line up.



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