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Rugby tours

Taking package rugby tours in 2009 for Hong Kong Sevens or even the Dubai World Cup sevens tournaments is a style of holiday that is becoming more and more popular with rugger fans across the globe.

As the popularity of rugby, and especially rugby sevens, increases so to does the demand for rugby tours that include tickets, flights and hotels - less hassle! For some of the major sevens tournaments on the circuit, especially those in the IRB world sevens series, demand is getting close to, and in some cases outstripping, supply.

The Hong Kong sevens rugby tours are over subscribed every year whilst many others sell out before the tournament even starts. Even when tickets are available to the general public finding the right flights and affordable hotels or bed and breakfasts can be a near impossible nightmare.

Which is why the package holiday to such events has risen in popularity so dramatically recently. With the ease of being able to just book all the needed flights, accommodation and tournament tickets all in one price many fans are looking at taking up the easy option and booking them together as a package holiday.

This is a trend that is set to continue into the future. With Rugby sevens getting more and more fans with every passing tournament, over 250,000 people attended games in the 06-07 season and a further 213 million watched on TV screens, demand for tickets, sleeping areas and travel arrangements will be getting higher and higher.

With package companies ability to get their hands on tickets directly and in bulk, coupled with their knowledge of hotel rooms and flights, they will continue to tempt the average sevens fan into buying a package holiday to a sevens tournament that is both cheaper and easier than doing it themselves, who can blame them they are going to have a good time not worry about logistics.

It is not just holidays that are being packaged together, full package tours for sevens events are also being offered by canny travel agents, following the likes of the IRB world series around the globe, from Hong Kong to Adelaide, San Diego to London. Such packages can help save considerable sums of money and a huge amount of leg work. Organizing that many flights and hotel rooms can take days for someone not trained in doing so.

Which is why most fans are leaving it to the experts and booking package tours, and who can blame them?



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