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Rugby Sevens (7s)

If you love rugby sevens (or 7s rugby as also referred to) then we can provide you with the game play, the history, information on different tournaments ranging from the old IRB Sevens series through to the Olympics and the now World Series of Rugby.

Having started in Melrose, Scotland back in 1880, rugby sevens is now an Olympic sport and fast gaining traction in the USA. 7s is sometimes referred to as the 'little brother' of the rugby union XVs game. However, playing on a full pitch, with only 7 a-side makes for fast paced skillful interaction of fitness, ball handling and superb passes and running angles.

From the home of this unique game through to Middlesex 7's or smaller tournaments throughout Europe and beyond, there are certain tournaments that everyone wants to visit, with the Hong Kong Sevens being right at the top! However, with the inclusion in the Olympics and schools starting to incude 7s rugby alongside the XV's game, there's so much more to come from the game in the coming years.

We're redevelpoing this site and we plan to bring you all the news, tournaments, tours and package deals available so you can follow the game wherever you are.

Thanks for your patience. RugbySevens.co.uk Team - June 2021