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Rugby sevens tickets

With each year, rugby sevens tickets becoming more and more in demand thanks to the popularity of tournaments like the Hong Kong Sevens or Melrose 7's where it all started!

Many tournaments put up 'sold out' signs, including such prestigious tournaments as the Hong Kong sevens for which thousands of UK rugby fans fly half way round the world to attend.

With this in mind it is important that you book your rugby sevens tickets early. Unfortunately, there is no set way of doing so. Some events require you to book online or via a phone number direct with them, others want you to go through a third party such as Ticketmaster whilst still others use local rugby clubs to sell their tickets.

But whatever method the tournament is using, you can be sure of two things :

  • The tickets will provide value for money
  • The sevens tickets will be hard to come by

With the top stars of the rugby world playing sevens every year, and the game reaching more and more fans, ticket sales are up and demand is on the increase. Therefore it is always important that you buy your tickets for rugby sevens tournaments well in advance to avoid disappointment later on. Research the tournament you want to attend and check out how they sell their tickets. It's worth finding out. An all in package of flight, hotel and game tickets is a great option.



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