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IRB Sevens

The IRB sevens tournament is the world's premiere rugby sevens series. Consisting of all the top rugby sevens tournaments in the world, this prestigious series is competed for by national teams from around the globe.

This IRB Sevens series is run by the International Rugby Board (the IRB - hence IRB 7s!) and was set up to provide structure and a commercial vehicle for the ever more popular game of rugby sevens. The IRB Sevens popularity has grown year on year with 213 million people watching the series on TV sets around the world last year, with over 250,000 people attending one of the 8 tournaments around the world.

Although contested for by the 'heavy weights' of world rugby the IRB sevens also provides meaningful competition for what are considered lower ranked teams in the 15 a side game. Fiji, whilst currently enjoying a taste of success on the 15 a side pitch, are past champions at all major sevens competitions and capture the hearts and minds of sevens fans the world over.

Nations such as Tonga and Samoa also taste major successes with scalps over the top rugby nations, whilst the sevens series provide the likes of Kenya, Russia and Portugal to get a taste of what top class rugby is all about.

The IRB sevens series may have started life as a commercial enterprise by the IRB but it is fats becoming a favorite of fans and players alike, and with good reason. The brand encompasses some of the best, most skillful rugby available to fans anywhere... it is no wonder crowds are increasing year on year.

Previous Series Winners :

2008-09 South Africa 8 132
2007-08 New Zealand 8 154
2006-07 New Zealand 8 130
2005-06 Fiji 8 144
2004-05 New Zealand 7 116
2003-04 New Zealand 8 128
2002-03 New Zealand 7 112
2001-02 New Zealand 11 198
2000-01 New Zealand 9 162
1999-00 New Zealand 10 186



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