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New Zealand Sevens

The All blacks - the New Zealand Sevens do they mix well? New Zealand rugby is known throughout the rugby world for its hard forwards, classy backs and world class talents, and the same goes for both its Rugby sevens side and the Wellington Rugby Sevens tournament they host.

New Zealand sevens sides have been the most successful side since the IRB world sevens series started 10 years ago and have given rise to such stars of the full version of the game as Joe Rokocoko and Rico Gear.

The twin island nation of New Zealand is one of the two countries that can claim rugby as its national sport (the other of note being Wales), and it is easy to see that this is the case by wandering the streets of Wellington. The whole country is rugby mad and any victory (which is a lot of the time) by the 'All Blacks', as the team is known, is seen as a reason to party whilst the rare defeat is met with heartbreak and national outcry.

The sporting press is always full of stories about rugby and the players themselves are treated as A-list celebrities, with reporters keeping close tabs on their private lives as well as what they get up to on the rugby pitch.

This leg of the IRB world sevens series is especially known for its party atmosphere. The Wellington sevens tournament is one of the biggest sporting events in the cities colander and the fans certainly no how to make a good time of it. Pubs and clubs are packed with punters well into the night whilst the stadium itself is always full of fancy dress wearing supporters.

Wellingtons Westpac Stadium holds 34,500 fans, with up to 40,000 available when temporary seating is added. And with so many rugby fans desperate for any chance to see top class rugby being played you can guarantee a full house and an exciting atmosphere.

As with all other tournaments, aside from Hong Kong, on the IRB world sevens series 16 teams compete for the main cup, with those who lose at various stages going on to compete for (in descending order of importance) the Plate, the Bowl and the Shield.

With such a devoted following it is no surprise that Wellington is such a mainstay of the IRB's sevens calendar. And with New Zealand doing so well every year the New Zealanders love affair with the seven a side rugby version shows no sign of abating.



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