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Hong Kong Sevens

The Hong Kong sevens is regarded by many as the pinnacle of the many rugby sevens tournaments throughout the world. It is certainly the best known of all the sevens tournaments and even within the IRB world sevens series it has a special place, both in the fans heart and in the rulebook.

Created in March 1976, after a year's hard work after its initial conception by Tokkie Smith and Ian Gow who came up with the idea over a few drinks, the first ever Hong Kong sevens was competed for by clubs from New Zealand, Tonga, Korea, Japan, Sri Lanka, Australia, Malaysia and Fiji.

The tournament was a success, and with a large British population following within Hong Kong, many of whom rugby fans eager to see top class rugby in their part of the world, it continued to grow throughout the 70's and 80's.

Such was its success that Hong Kong Sevens tickets were consistently sold out months in advance of the tournament itself and so, in 1994, a new stadium was built, capable of seating 40,000 rugby fans... and it is still the venue for the event today.

The sevens tournament, held in March, is more popular than ever today since it became one of the founding tournaments of the IRB world sevens series. Traditionally the biggest sporting event in the Hong Kong calendar the tournament has a special place in many fans heart for its wonderful party atmosphere.

It is not just fans that recognize the importance of the Hong Kong sevens. Whereas all the other IRB tournaments that make up the sevens world series are limited to only 16 nations competing the Hong Kong sevens have special dispensation to allow 24 nations to participate as recognition of the amount of nations that desperately want to take part in the prestigious tournament.

Hong Kong itself is a vibrant and multicultural city, unique in its aspects of both its British legacy and its current Chinese ownership. Such a place is a great place to visit to see sights and sounds you would never find anywhere else in the world.

Hong Kong is known as the flag ship of the IRB's sevens series, and with Dubai is easily its best known and most important tournaments. The world loves the Hong Kong sevens, and as the sport grows so to will its love affair with this great tournament.



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