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Rugby Sevens

If you love rugby sevens (or rugby 7s as some write it) then we can provide you with the history, access to tickets, information on tournaments like Hong Kong 7s or the IRB sevens series and more.

Rugby Sevens started in Melrose, Scotland and every April the Melrose rugby 7s reminds us of what this game is about. From the home of this unique game through to Middlesex 7's, the more glamorous and contested Rugby World Cup Sevens or even the latest Bournemouth Sevens Festival, you can find it all out here.

Upcoming tournaments :

Melrose Sevens
Date : 10th April 2010, Melrose, Scottish Borders
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Bournemouth Rugby Sevens
Date : 28-30 May 2010, Bournemouth
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With our new website we plan to bring you companies that offer tours and package deals arcross the UK and around the world, access to tickets for rugby sevens tournaments like Melrose Sevens or Middlesex Sevens, as well as the IRB games in the UK and abroad.